Capitol Cares

What is our Capitol Cares program?

We are passionate about your oral health, your overall health and the health of our community. That passion has driven us to create Capitol Cares – a program we created to help create a healthy and vibrant community. We partner with local non-profit organizations to improve the community where we live. In 2015, our local non-profit partners for a better Boise were:

Boise Bicycle Project
The money we gave to BBP went directly to training bicycle repair technicians to gain skills necessary to attain jobs at local bicycle shops.

Boise Urban Garden School
We are sponsoring a program to implement a Growing Garden at one of the Boise elementary schools. Students will learn to grow, then eat the fruits of their labor.

Create Common Good
We are supporting student skills training which will lead directly to job placement. 84% of graduates are successfully placed in jobs where the average starting salary is $9.57/hour.

How does it work?

Your personal referral is the greatest compliment and enables us to continue to pursue our passion to dentistry. As a thank you and a way to give back to our community, Capitol Dental donates $25 to the Capitol Cares Campaign for every new patient referral.

Throughout the year, we encourage our Team and the local community to nominate local, non-profit organizations. As a Team, we select the organizations we feel best align with our vision of giving back. The nominees are then invited to share their story with the Capitol Dental Team, who select the “winners.” Capitol Dental then shares the names of the nominees on social media and in emails to our clients.

How do I nominate a charity?

It’s easy. Simply complete this form and click submit! Please be as detailed as possible, and include any information you believe will be relevant to the decision process.

Nominate your favorite charity today